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BMW's latest commercial shows off the Remote 3D View feature. As the celebrity male and his attractive lady have some coffee he checks on his new 5 Series. Remote 3D View shows two paparazzi photographers snapping pictures of his car. Some quick thinking with the doppelganger waiter and he's able to escape unseen? Ah yes, the typical day in the life of a 5 Series owner.

What is Remote 3D View
Remote 3D View leverages the power of the 5 Series optional Surround View and Remote 3D View. The system offer peace of mind by allowing owners monitor their BMW 5 Series at all times. The system shows a bird's-eye view of the driver's car as well as a three-dimensional image of the area surrounding the vehicle. Any obstacles, including curbs, or other vehicles or pedestrians that suddenly appear can be spotted even earlier in this way.

More about BMW Remote 3D View
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