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so what are you using for a wash mit and for drying?

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it's time to replace a few items in my detail cabinet.

so it seems that the preferred wash mits (in order) are:

1) microfiber
2) sheepskin (good, available at Target & on-line but don't last)
3) chenille (available at Target & on-line )
4) synthetic (available almost anywhere)

can anyone vouch for this? what are you using?

I've been fairly satisfied using The Absorber but am looking to retire it to wiping down the interior and using something new for drying the paint. I already sheet the majority of the water off the car using a hose with low pressure and no nozzle. I won't go to a leaf blower :eek: but am seeking a new way to get the remaining water off of the car.

I'll pass on the California Waterblade.

the P21S drying towell seems to be a very popular choice.

what are you using and how do you like it?
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Viking's 100% Cotton mitts and 100% Cotton white towel to dry

and take off polish.
One bath size towel will dry the whole car (with the no hose final rinse that is; I actually just use a gallon bottle to do final rinse and likes it better than taking off the nozzle each time)
Never used MF mitts so no comments.
I am still able to get Viking's 100% cotton mitts from bay area's Kragen. Stop by your local Kragen.
I know for sure the Viking Wash Pad has changed from cotton to synthetic. But it seems like Viking is still making both the 100% cotton mitts and synthetic mitts. I visit the 2-3 Kragen in Fremont/Newark more often.

FYI the Vikings synthetic mitts is available in bay area Kmart and Walmart. It is better than the Detailer's Choice synthetic mitts and won't scratch. Local Napa and Orchard Supply Hardware has 100% cotton mitts made by SmArnold. But they are low quailty and you can see cottonseeds embedded inside. But at least one who reply to your thread in Autopia finds it ok.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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