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  • Love it, best evar!

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  • It isn't bad, but not perfect

    Votes: 31 43.1%
  • ehhh...I can live with it

    Votes: 14 19.4%
  • Kill it before it spreads! :mad:

    Votes: 17 23.6%
  • What is this Drive By Wire, you speak of? :dunno:

    Votes: 6 8.3%
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I think more and more cars will have this as time progresses for emissions & efficiency related issues. The Audi 's all have it, I think Nissan's et al do as well. With the number of servo and solenoid related do-dads on our engines & braking systems, it would stand to reason that less "outside" mechanical linkages will be involved.

Having said that, why the automotive manufacturers would go to longer oil change intervals with all the tight tolerances in the engines, and the valves controlling the Double VANOS, I don't know. I would hope they've got some excellent filters in place to support this.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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