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SoCal Z car Tech Session . . .

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SoCal Z car Tech Session (with pics) . . .

Well, tech for us anyway. Quite a few guys from roadfly came by my place yesterday to do seat mods (Doug Whalen seat rail bushings and seat tilt mods), 'crush the hump' mod and demo'd Plexus, the In 'n' Out Detail Spray and the wheel center decal for the helmet (a la JPM).

We worked on a total of 8 cars (some cars getting all 3 mods, some getting just 1 or 2), but it was a full day. When I get some pics, I'll do a more thorough write-up.

On a personal note, it was great to finally meet one of my neighbors with a black M Roadster who saw us and stopped by to check out what we were doing - and left pretty impressed.

Another surprise guest from a couple of houses over was Neil who recently left Porsche to be the #2 guy at BMW Design Works at Newbury Park. Pretty funny, from upstairs he saw a herd of roadsters and bolted from his house leaving the front door and gate wide open to come see what we were up to. (His wife was worried and came looking for him :lmao: )

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks go to eric5150 for pulling this thing together and getting the seat tilt hardware. I hosted, but Eric was the organizer :thumbup:
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Sorry I wasn't in town to join y'all.:(

Might there be a next time?
Oh yeah!

There will definitely be a next time! Everyone there had a great time and got their cars modded to boot! :)

I forgot to mention the friendly banter the guys had with my next door neighbor in his new vette and, for good measure, Mike down the street couldn't resist the opportunity to roll by in his mint condition '69 Z28 (a real one) with 302/400hp and 69K original miles! :thumbup: Other neighbors today were telling me we were the talk of the neighborhood ask people for blocks were asking "What's going on over there, what's up with all the BMWs?"

There will definitely be another one of these. I've already started compiling a wish list:
1) clear corner markers
2) flat black painted rock guards
BMW Seats get real heavy if you pull them out 6 or 7 times.....

:thumbup: Great time Scott! Thanks for hosting. It was a learning experience, especially when seats got recalcitrant and didn't want to go forward and back!:banghead:

All in all, a great time - I'vo got some pics (on the home PC and I'm at work right now) but I'll get them to you ASAP.

Now, about that group buy on the clear bumper lenses....:D

Edit by Scott: JonM, if you see this post, do you have a line on clears for the front bumper corners (maybe a group buy)? :dunno:
Beer, not just for breakfast anymore

I was happy to note that although the "Mini Tech Fest" started at 8:00 am, none of us started on the beers until afternoon-- when it was well-deserved... those seats are none-too-light.

The Whalen bushings are great-- absolutely no "slop" in the seat now. And the seat tilt mod is exactly what the factory should have done-- my wife & I both agree that the additional support under the legs is well worth the time spent doing these mods.

Lastly, at 6'3" I've never felt there was an excess room for my arms... and now with the hump behind the seat removed I can drive with my arms locked straight (not that I do). So I'm hump-free and hap-py!
Thanks for hosting this, Scott. This was a great opportunity to meet some nice folks and perform some practically manditory work on the seats.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

Re: Oh yeah!

scottn2retro said:
I've already started compiling a wish list:
1) clear corner markers
2) flat black painted rock guards

We have both SGs and clear markers in stock. You can buy online or over the phone at 513.706.1834.

Our prices are pretty competitve on both items.
The first pic . . .

Bob Benline was nice enough to drop off a CD at my house yesterday with pics from the day. I need to get them on to .org but here is one I resized.

Here's my house with 8 Z cars there (Jeff's '98 silver with red top M Roady - yes like my color combo - the odds out of 8 cars are staggering :dunno: - is in the garage)


one more . . .

eric5150 looking SO forward to ripping his seat out (again!:banghead: ) :lmao:


another one . . .

The crew hard at work (myself, SoCalTom, firegabe and I think Jeff). We worked on 2 cars at a time, putting one in the garage and one on the pad. We used the leftover room in the garage to do the seat rail disassembly and bushing sanding


Well . . .

at least some of them were working hard :lmao:

That's SoCalTom's green beauty :thumbup:


A successful tech session

Great photos! Can't wait until the next tech session-- dropping a Dinan-tweaked M5 motor into our 1.9 Roadster... har, har, har.
I thought the next session was firegabe's v12 into the M Roadster?:thumbup:

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