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SOLD RPI Exhaust

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Nearly New RPI Exhaust for sale for Z4M, deep throaty sound and awesome look (see video link below). In perfect condition; used only 10 days, less than 500 miles. I like them and would likely keep them if I only used on the weekends, but a bit too loud for my use as a daily driver. $965 new. Asking $800 plus shipping (estimate $55-$60, depending on location in US).[email protected]/7868649724/


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Anyway you can upload the sound clip on YouTube?
The vid says private. Won't let me view it.
Try it now. New to using Flickr.
I really like their design as well...they looked great on the car.
Nice sound and good price. I would love to buy them from you, I just have run out of mod money and if I do one more thing to the car I think the wife might make me sleep in the garage with it.
Sounds great, but I just can't get past the different sized tips. Not sure why they designed it that way. Definitely a great price!
Thanks. I actually like the look -- they applied a Porsche design. But, I also like the stock look as well.
Does this install using stock mounting brackets?
Yes, there are two nuts to remove on the back side of the muffler and two on the front as well as two bolts to remove from the exhaust coupling. Takes about two hours first time you do the exchange and about an hour once you have done it before.

There is a company known as DKF that has special hangers that some report they like on the dimmer forums.

See for good photos of the removal and installation of stock and new RPI exhaust and to see the advanced hangers. Hope this helps.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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