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I am retrofitting an OEM rear view camera in my 2017 F31 (VIN K868269).
I am using OEM parts (module, camera, etc.) and following the original BMW instructions. (see attached)

I have installed everything and am currently finalizing the wiring. And that is when I see something unexpected. The instructions call for tapping the Kcan wires from FEM A173 which are pins 51 and 52 using connector H.

However, my car doesn't have KCAN and so pins 51 and 52 don't even have pins.

I scanned with ISTA and there was no K-CAN network in the control unit tree.

So my question is:
How/where can I connect the rear view module?
Can I connect to pins 51/52 as specified in the BMW instructions, but inserting a new pin? Now there is nothing in that pin position.

This would work if pins 51/52 in A173*8 have the K-CAN network but are simply unused...

Image from the BMW instructions:
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ISTA screenshot:
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FEM A173*8 with empty pins 51 and 52
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BMW 320d F31 M
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A bit offtopic but here goes:

Instead of connecting the ground near the FEM at the passenger footwell with a ring eyelet connector as in the instructions, would it be possible to connect ground elsewhere in the vehicle?

I was planning to connect behind the rear seat (driver's side). There is a ground "comb" there that would be perfect.

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1. Connected K-Can to pins 51 (green) and 52 (orange) using repair pins.
2. Connected ground to the ground "comb" behind the rear seats (driver side).
3. Connected power to fuse 159 in the rear fusebox (fuse 5A).
4. VO Coded the 3AG option.
: the coding of the ICM went smoothly without errors. However, the car issued several errors regarding the adaptive steering and stability control. I think that we may not need to VO code ICM anyway... so if you are searching for info: don't code ICM unless you need to.

6. Cleared all errors with ISTA. However, the adaptive steering still shows errors in the ISTA module tree.
7. The TRSVC also shows errors because there are no surround view cameras. Note that the module I installed is NOT for surround view and only has one camera input.

8. Note that HU_NBT > EXBOX 3001 > CAMERA_SYSTEM = trsvc . This is the ONLY option that works. I tried ICAM_rvc, ICAM_high, ICAM2_rvc and ICAM2_high and none worked.

9. Conclusion: Rear View Camera is working... hurray! But camera quality in low light condition is too dark. My wife's 225xe camera is way better.

-> If someone knows how to correct the ICM and TRSVC errors feel free to pitch in. :)

-> Also: is there a way to remove the top view of the car and sensors on the screen, so that the camera is shown full screen?

I leave here some images for your delight.

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