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some klasse pics

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bad angles sorry...

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Thanks! i really should have driven to a better spot to take some pics rather than taking them on the driveway....:( Hmm..all in all theres a total of about 6 coats of SG, this was put over a span of about 2 months. regarding the clears, at first i didnt like it because i didnt have the titan headlight trim. without it it looked way off!:eek: also have silvervisions on the front, but i hear spraying a thin coat of paint on the bulb will give you the same effect.;)
epham said:
I think I saw your car last week on Mira Mesa Blvd :dunno: I was a couple cars behind in you in the right lane. Very nice. :thumb:
hey, that was you!:lmao: i hate the darned traffic on MM Blvd during that time...its not so bad, but its bad enough because i want to get home already!:rolleyes: next time i'll be sure to wave to a fellow 'fester:thumb:

oh, didnt realize you had nat brown with your coupe..nice combo!

mmmMM white coupes!!;)
Re: Great job

BayDetailz said:
That's excellent work buddy. Very nice pics. Yes Klasse is great product.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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