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Some more pics of my Whip!!

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I had washed and waxed my car last weekend, but there hasn't been any sunshine all week:mad: . So I went ahead and made a quick shoot in the parking lot....:yikes: .

So here is to mywhip!! :pimpin:

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part 3

and of course, the rims!!!!
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Josh (PA) said:

I like these wheels, but where'd the 5th nut go???:dunno:
It is a Wheel Lock!!:thumb: :thumb:
Love the wheels, they're probably worth as much as a nice used Civic, aren't they? :lmao:

But uh, you should change your sig. As much as we love Aria, there are a lot of people accessing this site at work and could get in some serious shit for that on the screen. :eeps:
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