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Something to consider when buying smartphone docks

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This just occurred to me while I was driving home.

Apple is set to announce the new iPhone in September, which means new phones in October for all of us who have to have the newest and best.

What that also means is your $300 dock will more than likely be worthless since they are changing the plug for the new iPhone.

Something to consider if you haven't bought the dock yet like me or if you have it and maybe want to try and return it.

I know lots of people were up in the air about buying the dock itself, hopefully this helps.
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Really seems like with the plethora of iPod accessories out there that someone would be making a generic BMW iPod dock. Is this $300 piece of electronics that proprietary?
So far, yeah. The dock is pretty cool but it is designed to fit into the center console of the F30. Doubt there will ever be an aftermarket one.

It is very tempting for a gadget guy like me, which is why I'm glad I remember the iPhone 5 is out soon.
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Two questions -
1) Are you guys saying not to get the iphone cradle if you plan to get the iphone 5 because the old one will be useless and / or you will be able to get a new cradle when the 5 comes out? Do you not think they'll make an adapater so the iphone 5 will also work?

2) If you have BMW assist with bluetooth, you don't need the cradle anyway?

I have a 335i coming in October, currently have an old Android phone but will be upgrading to either the iphone 5 or a new Android or Windows phone this fall.
1. My thought is that you should NOT get the cradle if you plan on upgrading to an iPhone 5 when it comes out. Apple has already said that they will be changing the plug from the standard one we have been using on every apple product for the past seven years to a smaller one. This leads me to believe that the dock will be useless.

2.The only reason to have the cradle/dock is that it has a built in fan. People have been saying your phone goes thermonuclear after extended use with BMW assist.

They just announced that they will have BMW apps for Android soon. I don't know if that makes your phone choice easier or harder.

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