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I am thinking about haulting all the upgrades to the bimmer and buying 1 of 2 cars I have found to convert to rally car. Firts car is a 97 2.5 impreza second is a 98 neon r/t obviously the neon is a pos when compared to the.scooby but it will be way cheaper and easier as a starters car. I finally have the extra cash to make this a reality.

On the other hand I also have the funds lined up for a g power SC kit, new shocks springs sways and strut braces. Then a 5 speed when the inevitable happens and the auto goes out on me. My thought is that I already race auto X and endurance in the Formula car which is faster tan almost any car on the road and I can drive the balls off of it. So why keep building the bimmer for track days. Also when I "decide" to graduate one of these days I plan on retiring the bimmer as a DD and doing something fun with it like a tt v8 swap over a long period of time and making it balls fast around a track.

So what do you guys think? I don't have any reason to save the cash and I make plenty to keep the bimmer serviced which is few and far between using an 1/8 of a tank every week.

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