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Sorry robg

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Sorry Robg,
Just had my retrofit done. I was scared and almost backed out due to your story.

Mines perfect though. Wheel is straight and car tracks great. Awesome, truely awesome. I've sworn off the track till the M comes but I may have to make an exception.
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Re: awesome

vern said:
Haus-when you say the steering is awesome you truly can't mean that.if you go into the archives and read some of my posts you will see what I 'm talking about.IMO the boost is still to light at higher speeds to get good road feel like you got in the older bmw's before they started fooling around with the steering.
Yes Vern, it's not like an older BMW. Compared to what it was it's a huge improvement. I've only gotten it up to 80 so far.
Originally posted by robg
Out of curiousity what was the part number of the rack they put in-- actually I only need to know the last 3 digits...

I'll get that for ya.

One more favor to ask-- did they give you the alignment print out? If so, could tell me what they set the following to:
Left and right camber
Left and righ toe

Left and right camber
Left and righ toe

I didn't get a printout but I'll call them and see if they have it.

When you're going straight down the road can you turn the wheel back and forth about 1/2 an inch without anything happening?

No, it's very tight.

Also, have you driven the car on any rough roads or highways where there are lots of trucks? Does it wander?

I-90 which I drive is one of the ways across the pass and ALL the semis drive it, it's awful. Ruts so deep the riceers hit bottom. The car tramlines some but not any more than it did with the othe rack.

do yo have the sport suspension or the regular suspension?

Yes, I have the Sport Suspension.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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