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Sorry robg

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Sorry Robg,
Just had my retrofit done. I was scared and almost backed out due to your story.

Mines perfect though. Wheel is straight and car tracks great. Awesome, truely awesome. I've sworn off the track till the M comes but I may have to make an exception.
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hey Robg

Sorry to hear about the ongoing problem.

I had the benefit of time with the car and it seems that the steering looseness at center is improved. I don;t know what the factory rep did two weeks ago, but it seems that the dead spot is almost nil (90% of the time). It creeps in on occasion on some surfaces.

I know he rechecked the alignment but he couldn'g give me a report. I thought it might help you and PG out but even the dealership doesn;t have the information.

The car definitely is different. Reliability is the issue now. Will this last longer than a month or go back like before? I don;t want to find out.

Awaiting new car anxiously.

I heard PG is getting his new rack today.

Wonder what's going on.

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I had an appointment weeks in advance and brought in the car. The same day, the dealer I am purchasing from (another dealer) said that a "deal" was approved on a trade with my car. So I went with the new car.

The new steering is much much improved but still light in the middle over various road surfaces and air temperatures. Can't explain it. Now I've gotta yank my tires off my car before it goes back next month. I guess I'll just store them or put them on the coupe or our Z3.

Have a rep look at your car. I know they did something to it. ??RE-torqued the mounting bolts ??RE-alignment ??

Let me know.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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