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hi guys i have a problem with sos call since i got this message bluetooth usb doesn't work i found one video how to code it but it doesn't show me this option

Cluster/Expert Mode/3301 CC_ID_Sperre/CC_ACTIVIERUNG_5/Custom Value. You should see 'FF' listed in Bytes 0 to 7. Scroll to Byte 5 and change it from FF to F7 and press 'Done.

and I see such functions on bimmercode

I have 6WB display
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Depending on where you live and the model year of car, it may be that the wireless telephone network is gone. In many countries the 3G wireless networks have been sunset as of this year. Verizon in the US is the last one and that is next month. I think this affects MY15 and older. It definitely affected our '14 f10. Even the voice activated navigation no longer functions because there is no internet connection.

There is no upgrade path available from BMW.
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