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South African 330xi? News to me...

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So I finally hunted down my elusive salesman to get my production code. I ordered a few months ago, but told him I wanted delivery for May 1st. I was pleasantly surprised to track my car via Owner's Circle and find it "en route." Then I began to be suspicious...

En Route already? Hmmmm. I then checked the production venue via E46Fanatics FAQ, only to discover there is no "P" listed. On to an .ORG search... Apparently P is a new production code for South Africa. Since when were 330xi's ever produced in SA? I thought only 325's were produced there. This also explains why my salesman insisted that I couldn't Euro-Deliver my 330xi...

At the risk of sparking an old (but perhaps not tired) debate, I'm curious as to any first hand/ word-of-mouth experiences with SA builds that were either trouble-free or trouble-ridden.... Thoughts, comments? I admit I'm a bit disappointed. After reading a few articles on the X5 and the Z3 most initial quality problems of all BMW models, I decided production location did, indeed matter. Accordingly, I am a bit worried about my newborn... I'd love to hear some feedback.

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My xiT was produced in Regensberg and vin code for plant = "P"

So one of you or all of us is getting bunk info:dunno:

When I placed my order, a friendly dealer internet rep sent me an email about my order and said "Your vin should have a P in it which means it was produced in Regensberg". For the record, my memory tells me that only 325's are coming out of SA.

But as Alex has pointed out the factory should not affect the build quality:)
Mike 325xi said:
My 325xi is "E" and was definitely produced in Regensburg.

I was told that all xi models are produced in Regensburg, although it is possible tha tthey have started producing them in SA. I also thought that only 325s were being produced in SA, although again tha tcould have changed.
Its a scary day when you and I agree on something 100% :yikes:

Regensberg has 3 or 4 identifiers associated with them, why I don't know maybe they roll them. I'm sure the wise Mr. Baumann can shed some light:D
Mike 325xi said:

I'm more scared than you could know :yikes: :D

But as long as you continue to agree with me I don't have to send Alee out to stalk you:eeps: Or if you insist on slamming the wagon:mad: I'll do it myself:yikes:

Ok here's a pic of me finally

Mike 325xi said:

Do I have to post another picture there Clark W. Griswold?? :D
This is me and my family getting ready to go see Uncle Eddy (uh I mean Mike, since they have so much in common:D )
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