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Spark plug and Ignition Coils DIY 2007 550I

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I have searched the forum but have had no luck with specifics but what I am trying to find is the best coils and spark plugs to buy for my first time DIY. Any suggestions or words of advice is appreciated. I have worked on Nissans previously almost exclusively :eek:


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Why are you replacing the coils?

Plugs originals should be Bosch, I have NGK and they work fine
I agree with schpenxel that unless you are having problems, you don't need to change the coils. You will be wasting your money.

When I did plugs on my 545i the only coils I considered replacing were #4 and #8 which are against the firewall, as they take as long to remove and replace as the other six put together. But I ended up putting the old ones back on and haven't had any problems (now at 101K miles).

Bosch and NGK plugs are interchangeable. I ended up with Bosch because they were on sale, shipped for $3 each.
I was under the impression that if you are changing the spark plugs that you should also change the coils. Incorrect? I had one go out on me as I was driving and deemed it time to change them all as I don't wan them to go out on me one after the other. FYI I bought the car at 100,000 and am now at 120,000 ish and I don't think they were ever changed out.
Thanks for all the help by the way guys
No need to change them if you aren't having any issues. Personally I would consider replacing the ones for cylinder 4 and 8 (at most) because they're a pain to get to. Probably still overkill should be the ones you need
Awesome, so just the spark plugs and I should be good to go is what you suggest?
If you are just doing it as preventative maintenance and aren't having any other issues, then I do not recommend replacing the coils
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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