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spark plug problem!!

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As i was chaning my spark plugs yesterday... I found that the 3rd and 4th plugs had oil all over them!!! :cry: :cry:

Anyone know what could be the culprit?? and how to go about fixing it without spending $$$$$$$$$$$ at the dealer?
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It's either one of 2 things, I'd imagine:

- Leaky piston ring(s)
- Leaky valve seals

Or, it might not be oil, it could just be a heavy carbon buildup, which is usually indicative of an excessively rich combustion mix.
i've actually heard from quite a bit of people that this problem is very very common with the E36. and usually tends to always be leaky valve cover gaskets.

i'm going to change them out this weekends, let you all know how it goes!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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