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Speaker size

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Hi y'all... I've already done a search on this, but have gotten conflicting results. Do the front doors of the 2002 3-sedan accept 6.5 inch speakers? If not, any mods needed?

I'm planning on putting in the Boston Acoustics RC620's in there...driven by a PPI amp off the stock HU.

Much TIA! :)
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I would be very interested on how it works for you...

please keep me (us?) informed...
I think it depends on whether or not you have the HK system installed. My car is a 2002 330Ci and it came with the HK system. It wasn't difficult for my installer to put 6.5" speakers in the door.

I believe the non-HK's are 5.25" (for both sedan and coupe). Again, I could be wrong since I have a coupe. I've had quite a few loaner 325/330i's and they all had 5.25" speakers in the doors.

Hopefully someone here who has the HK with the sedan can chime in.

Which system do you have - HK/Non-HK?
I have the non-HK on my sedan.

Just roughly measured the speaker woofer sizes of the front vs the back speakers, and it looks like they are both the same!! ie. 6.5 inches :) :thumbup:

I hope the RC620's can fit in there... I'll post again on Thursday night after the install and let you know what happens... :fingers crossed:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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