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speed and start issues 89 325i convertable

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I have a 1989 BMW 325i convertible. I have been for the past year trying to get everything fixed on the car to make it fully operational.

One of the issues I have is the car does not seem to have a good acceleration. It takes awhile to get from 0-45mph once at 45 acceleration is better but that hesitation can become a issue when I'm going 35 around a curve to try and jump on a highway. I have had the car checked out time and time again for this issue. I have taken it to 2 BMW specialist and non could find the issue. Was wondering if someone else has had this issue and may give me a general idea.

Another issue is sometimes starting up. When I crank the car the car will turn over but then cut off. Then when you try to turn the car back on the car has a hesitating or prolonged start. Once started after the hard start no problems for awhile. The car will not do this every day but maybe 1-2 times a month. Again I have had the car looked at and the 2 BMW specialist said they don't know what it is until the car gets worse. I don't want it to get worse so I'm trying to find something that may be the issue. I have had the idle control valve looked at but they say its fine but I don't know.

To narrow down what might be the problem let me tell you whats new on the car. . .
brake lining replaced
tie rods
water pump
spark plugs
t bar
ignition switch
starter(in hopes to fix the hard start up problem)
new fuel line (there was a leak)
hosing in the engine and the bottom of engine
power steering pump

Also let me know if whatever I didn't list is something that is commonly needs to be replaced.

I have also had a fuel system clean from one of the BMW specialist to see if that would help with acceleration and/or hard start.

Other than the 2 BMW specialist this car has seen 4 different mechanics but no one can tell me the issues.
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I'd check Fuel pressure & then AFR
Id check the injectors.. or throttle body.. I put a new 2.7 l in my e30 and it wouldnt fire at all untill I sawpped my throttle body and injectors of my old motor

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the hesitation around the corner could be a roll over switch, if the car has one. i couldnt for the life of me find out is mine had one or not. it could also be a bad ground as well.
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