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Ok. I'm new, love the forum. Bought this thing 'cause I always loved 'em. God, must have been back in the in early seventies when I had my first ride.

Just bought an 01 325i. I love it. The handling, comfort and (I hate to say) power blows me away. Have an SUV that I've been driving prior, and (sorry, I just had a laugh) they are not even in the same species.

Haven't had a ticket in over ten years.

The damn thing wants to move too fast. It's not me, of course, it's the car. Driving along, minding my own business, get pulled over. "Is there any reason you were going over 90?", the cop asks. Um, had no idea I was doing over 65.

$421. Plus points, big ones.

Any ideas on what the heck I'm gonna say to the judge?
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human said:
The clerk new exactly what I was talking about. Her sister just got a 330 and she took it for a drive. Didn't realize she was doing 85 in a 40 until she looked down. She gave me a break.
I know exactly what you're talking about too. It didn't seem to be a problem in my previous 525, but I bought this car in LA and on the drive home to OC, I was cruising along the 5 when I suddenly noticed all the other cars seemed to be going really slow, looked down and saw I was going about 95. :yikes: Since I know there are additional penalties if you're going more than 20 mph over the speed limit, as soon as I got home I set the computer thing so the bell goes off whenever I reach 85 mph. Damn thing is still going off all the time, but at least I'm aware of how fast I'm going now so I can slow down. As suggested above, I also use the cruise control much more than I ever did before and found that helps. Good luck!
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