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Speeding Ticket in PA

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I got a speeding ticket Friday night while going through PA. A few people have told me that there are lawyers who will go to court and fight this for you and guarantee a win. Then you don't have to pay and your insurance won't skyrocket. Plus it only cost $100. Anyone know of such a thing, or the name of one of these lawyers?
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:dunno: :confused: Never heard of anything like that

Where in PA did you get nabbed?
Don't know the towns name

But it was on I-78 mile marker 56 westbound.
SUCKS! $151 ticket 78 in a 55. He tailed me for 1/2 mile. Stupid BMW speedo is off by 3mph. Had the cruise set for 75 and the OBC said it was going 78. Why the hell don't they fix those things?!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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