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The competition is catching up to the3 Series, so the changes BMW makes are more than just PR hokum. There will be consequences.

So instead of working to add bling and features, BMW is working to sharpen the 3 Series like a knife.

No surprise then that creases are becoming more pronounced, that its muscles are bulging a little more, and that its proportions are being fussed over.

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As a result, though, from what we can see, the G20 won’t be a huge departure from the model it replaces, opening it the accusation of being boring.

But according to BMW insiders, this car is more about subsatance, character, craftsmanship, and quality than it is about polished wheels and matte paint.

Expect to see better quality materials, better brakes, more power, and improvements in the areas that really matter to the driver.

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Expect a series of 2.0-liter four cylinders to make up the majority of the 3 Series’ engine options, with more powerful 3.0-liter straight-sixes—going all the way up to 500 hp in M spec—greeting buyers willing to shell out a bit more cash.

The G20 is expected to be unveiled this fall at the Paris Motor Show.

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