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Split arm rest retrofit

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Can anyone help me figure out if the split arm rest that some 328i's have can be retrofitted to my 2012 328i ,CV. My center are rest is solid and doesn't support my elbow. The split arm rest slides forward which puts it under my elbow.
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I think Nordic Kat put the split arm rest on her BMW. If Kat see's this I'm sure she will chime in. If not, check her old posts, I think it is in there. N4S
Thanks, I found her post and ordered the part.
Definitely check with NK. Not only did she do the mod but she did a great pictorial write-up IIRC.

Edit: NM, I see you already found it. :)
ECSTuning actually has a great video of the install on their website. Looks pretty simple.
I did it a few weeks ago! I ordered from ECS and then did the install. It wasn't that hard, the hardest part for me was getting out the back panel where the vents are it wasn't coming off! I finally for the panel off and did it. I now love the mod! The video ECS has online if for an E92 a E90 is a bit different!
Thanks for the info. My setup is exactly as shown in the video. I have ordered the part and will see just how handy I am. The dealers wanted $300 for the part and $150 to install it. The video takes less than 5 minutes. That a pretty steep rate for a simple job. They think the whole console must be removed to change the arm rest. I often wonder if they really know what they are doing.
Must . . . resist . . . temptation . . . again . . .

For you E93 owners, know that there is a version that has the SRT for being exposed to sunlight, at least I believe that's what Kat taught me.

It opens all the way up too, in case you were curious like I once was.

Must . . . resist . . . temptation . . .

Just installed the Split Armrest!

Hi - Yes that video makes it look like it should take 5 minutes. It is all correct EXCEPT THE INSTALLATION OF THE NICKLE SIZE doohicky which must be slipped in then pressed in after the spring, pins, and lid is installed. After several attempts and loosing the piece which had to be retrieved with a small screwdriver and double sided tape , I deviated from the video.

I removed the lid, pressed the ratchet (doohicky) in place, pointed the lid at 90 degrees and lid it in, then proceeded. That took about 2 minutes after spending an hour trying to do it their way.

I love the mod, it makes it much more comfy on a trip.
Drd777, thanks for the tip re the doohickey. I thought it would be the achilles heel of the job. The way the guy grips it in the video is so awkward it was a tipoff. I will stuff all the little "drop em into" holes in case I screw on my attempt.

Good idea, stuff those holes. I put double sided servo tape on the tip of my finger and on the piece and tried to fit it in that way but with the lid on it is hard to align the two clips. Finally I gave up!
Yeah I've done this mod too. It looks hard, but it's not. Watch the video a few times then.
This was my my very first addition to my E93. Highly recommend.
Today I installed the split armrest sold by ECS using their video as a guide. It was quite simple with no lost parts. The upgrade makes driving much more comfortable. By doing it myself, I saved over $160 from what the cheapest quote was.
For what it worth, I also removed the rear headrests for better visibility. Put the top down, lower the rear seat backrest, stand over the headrest gripping it under each side and pull like h---. They will come out.
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