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sport seat solutions...

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Hi all. I recently took a trip up state this weekend which was about 5 hours each way. I noticed that my lower back was starting to hurt early on into the trip. Granted, anyones back will get stiff on a long trip but this was slightly more than discomfort. IN addition to this long trip, I have noticed that the seats tend to be unconfortable anyway. The reason I think they are uncomfortable is that the bottom seat cushion doesn't adjust that well. Specifially, it won't go down to an almost flat position where it's not slanted backward. I find this puts alot of pressure on the lower back. I am 5' 7" and 150. In addition to that, the side bolsters tend to be alittle too far apart so I slide between them. It was suggested by a few that I should find someone who has regular seats and trade them. I am alittle uncomfortable doing such a thing. Does anyone have any other solutions to alter the bottom cushion so that it can be more in a flat position? Any creative ideas are welcome!! Cheers, Cliff :thumbup:
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Re: Sport seats

vern said:
I had a 99 323i with regular seats and took a trip to Fla. fromN.J. by the time we got there my back was realy tired. I took the same trip in my 01 330ci with sport seats and I wasnot nearly as tired as in the 99.One thing I did find out is you have to take the time to set up the sport seats correctly.In the begining I felt like most of you guys and I was dis-satisfied with if I ordered a new car I would make sure it had sport seats. On long trips I always use the seat extender.I'm 5-10 168 lbs.
I was really pissed the last time I took a long trip... After hours of driving, I was offered a massage, and I was so relaxed, it didn't do anything! :mad:
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