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sport seat solutions...

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Hi all. I recently took a trip up state this weekend which was about 5 hours each way. I noticed that my lower back was starting to hurt early on into the trip. Granted, anyones back will get stiff on a long trip but this was slightly more than discomfort. IN addition to this long trip, I have noticed that the seats tend to be unconfortable anyway. The reason I think they are uncomfortable is that the bottom seat cushion doesn't adjust that well. Specifially, it won't go down to an almost flat position where it's not slanted backward. I find this puts alot of pressure on the lower back. I am 5' 7" and 150. In addition to that, the side bolsters tend to be alittle too far apart so I slide between them. It was suggested by a few that I should find someone who has regular seats and trade them. I am alittle uncomfortable doing such a thing. Does anyone have any other solutions to alter the bottom cushion so that it can be more in a flat position? Any creative ideas are welcome!! Cheers, Cliff :thumbup:
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Ahhh, Hack, I live on Long Island. That's a fantastic offer. Too bad. :cry:

p.s. it is black leather with lumbar.
ERK, I have sat in the non sport seats and find them alittle more comfortable. Yes, the cushion extender is useless to me and stays all the way in. Like you said, it does help me to keep it it.

cwpa, i don't think that the seats lack lumbar support because i do have the lumbar adjustment but it just seems that i am always leaning back in my seat. It's hard to sit upright in these seats. As I move the seat back forward, the front of the bottom cushion where the extender is needs to move more and it doesn't. Thanks, Cliff
guys, thanks for some ideas. By the way Alan F., I am from Manhasset. Maybe we live close. I will consider contacting Michael330. Thanks again all! If anyone gets any other bright ideas, please let me know!! -Cliff:)
Alan F, I did get my car from Rallye. I also know Ray Z. He is an awsome service advisor and always takes care of me. Although, I am not very pleased with the work they do over there. In addition, I had my sunglasses stolen from my car as well as all the change I keep in that holder below the arm rest. I know I should take my valuables out but do they really need to steel my quarters? take care, Cliff
once last thing..

Guys, sorry to bring this back up but do any of you have experience with having an upholsterer put more cushion in a car seat? I looked under my sport seats and found alot of space to put more cushion in ass area to boost me up. How expensive? Should I just take the seat out and do it myself? I would feel nervous doing such a thing. Any words are appreciated. THANKS! -Cliff
Very cool Alan. Thanks for the ideas! -Cliff :)

Ashe too, thanks for sharing your story. As a matter of fact, i know exactly what that surgery is about. I have a rather serious lower back problem called spondylolisthesis. My L5 vertabre has slipped forward causing an instability and I also have a slight disk herniation in the L5. I have to say that I do have back pains all the time but these seats make things worse. I have driven on long trips in my fathers Benz and my mothers Jeep grand cherokee. Much better. I have tried nearly every position the seats have to offer. My major gripe is that the front part of the seat cushion doesn't go down enough to make it flat. It's a falling into the seat feeling that put direct pressure on my back. The way you describe it is exactly the way I don't like it. But, that's the way it is. Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated. -Cliff
Guys, sorry for the delay. As for putting washers under the bolts, I thought of that idea also. Actually, the two rails don't rest flat on the floor. The way it is right now, the seat is anchored only by four bolts that rest on top of little mounds. So, the way e46myway explained it, was the way i first thought it was. But, take a look under the seat and notice that the full length of the rails don't rest on the floor of the car. Putting washers under the back screws wouldn't then seem like it changes anything all that much except for the amount that the screw goes down. Getting new screws would then be of priority. I still would feel nervous doing such a thing because I am not an engineer and don't know what could possibly happen in an accident. I will have to ask the dealer and see if they can offer me anything.
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