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2000 528i M52TU Auto 144K milies (232K Km) owner for 10Months.

I thought I would follow up about how I sprayed 3M Cavity Wax into the rocker panels after posting questions and google searching. It was recommened by my body shop who replaced the metal around the jack points and repainted the rocker's. I had to do the rest. I used approx 1 can per door , 3.5 cans total. I had already POR15'd the front ends of the rockers where the windshield washer reservoir rests and where most of the visible rust was. I also POR15 the entire underbody where I could see surface rust.
As I learned the rocker is not one long single hollow tube. there are baffles or metal reinforcements at the ends and near the B pillar. So you have to spray each cavity one by one.
Here are some pictures immediately after application. I made approx 3 coats. I noticed there was some sand inside the rockers. The previous owner told me the car was mostly driven from Canada to Florida.
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