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Squeaking Breaks

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I have a 2011 328i. I have been driving it for about 11 months and a week ago my left front tire started squeaking. It only happens on one side and does not happen all the time. I took it to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong.

Any suggestions?
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Thank you for the response "BREAKS". Unfortunately, I am aware that the squeaking is coming from the breaks. I already had them checked out at the dealership and nothing was wrong.

I was looking to see if anyone else had similar problems and/or if anyone knows why. I thought about moisture but, it was fine during the winter when it was raining. This started a week ago and we are in summer. It is parked in a garage and I have another car next to it (not a BMW) and no such problem.
Yes, my car squeals like a 20 year old GM POS. Dealer wanted $1200 to do pads, rotors and sensors all the way around and I laughed at him since they installed the squealing front setup I have now. I'll live with it another year or two and trade the car.
My car is new 2011, which I purchased last October and I have around 8000 miles on it. So, everything should be brand new.
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