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squeal after oil pan gasket repair

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Hello Folks,

I recently got my oil pan gasket replaced since it was leaking a lot. Ever since the repair was done, I am hearing squeal from the idler pulley/serpentine belt area. I had replaced the serpentine belt, idler and tensioner assembly a year ago. The repair shop says that the oil pan gasket has nothing to do with the squeal I am hearing now. Has anyone seen this and curious if there is a connection..since it is odd that I am hearing this back after the oil pan gasket repair job.

Thank you!
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Regarding the squeal, here's some brainstorming:

- if the mechanic took off the serpentine belt and put the belt back on in the opposite direction then...?

- the mechanic took the joy ride of their life in the car and it damaged the tensioner bearing, idler pulley bearing?

- the idler pulley bolt was never torqued to spec and its now making noise?
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