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SRS Airbag Light (B800 Table 38 Code 01) Internal ECU Error

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I have a 1999 528i SE, the other day just after dropping a front passenger off the SRS lamp came on. I suspected the usual occupancy sensor mat.

I purchased a B800 SRS scanner and reset tool.

The code given was Table 38 Code 01 - Internal ECU Error.

So i thought I would reset the system anyway and see what happened. The light went out and no SRS codes were shown.

I continued to drive as normal and the lamp remained off. then upon starting the car and maneuvering off a tight driveway I lent over the passenger seat to fold in the mirror and when I looked at the dash the light was on again (not sure when in the maneuver the light came back on though)

I reset the system again (same fault code) and drove over 350 miles (on my own) although 100 miles of that the car was full of stuff (including passenger seat although not as much weight as a person) and the light remained off (the car had several starts and stops during the time but most was motorway)

Then i gave my dad a lift with several stops and getting in and out.. then after 3 or 4 stops the light came on again :(

I am tempted to just keep resetting it as it stays off for quite a while,

Has anyone else had similar problems?

I have read several forum posts and one had 3 faults including the ECU error but their light would not reset coming back on straight away
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Mine just starter something similar

I just sent off for a scanner and will check for the code this weekend. However, my SRS light would come on right after start up, go out as it should, then after about 10 seconds or driving off the light came back on. This was in the past week. Today, the SRS went out by itself and has not come back on again yet. Not going to speculate until I code it. Upon reading the posts re: this stuff, I have stopped crawling over my seats, putting things under the seats that could catch a wire or whatever. I have been getting some intermittent seat belt lights come on for no apparent reason. The seat belts not functioning properly ?might? Signal the ECU to light up the dash SRS warning. I was under the impression from some posts that the SRS warning light, once illuminated, stays that way until the root cause is fixed and the light cleared....mine went out on it's own. I'll let you know what I find out.
Two different problems.


I had mine coming on and clear the code and it whent out to come back after a year cleared the code again and it came back after 6 months and came on again with even shorter notice to finally become permanent.
And i had this code from carsoft

Code 01 - Internal ECU Error is equal to carsoft code 01 Airbag Control unit driver side.
But its not the control unit, i hesitated and took mine out and sent it to germany for repair and it came back say no fault found.

The TIS says following

Even do TIS says to replace the airbag the problem is not the airbag itself because there is nothing in it that moves or wears out until its deployed of course its the wiring to it, the slipring which connect the airbag and steering wheel to the rest of the car.

its easy to replace, here is a guide for the E39.
One thing you not should to is like the picture take the ribbon cable out no need, especallly when putting a new slipring on , and don't turn it! because if you turn it left or right and then center the wheel when putting it on alligned with your mark it will snap of when turning the wheel oposit way.

This is not for the e39 but a better guide.

What you can do as a first test it testing the circuit of the slipring by removing the airbag and disconnecting the harness below and and put a clip in one of the ends their the connector below to steering wheel or at the top going to airbag.
And then check for broken circuit with multimeter if you get a buzz then it should be ok if not replace the slipring.
First of all Disconnect the battery before doing anything without battery the airbag can't deply, when taken put it on truck or roof facing up if anything happens.
My recommendation is to not put your probes on the connector connected to the airbag moste multimeters contain a 9 volt battery.

If the airbag light turns itself on and off then its usually the occupany sensor for passanger thats why it comes and goes when placing stuff in chair or someone rides along.
But a scan of codes is needed to determine the fault.
Did you guys solve your problems?
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