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SRS Reset

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I removed my front seat on my 2001 Z3 when I was putting in a new stereo and set off the SRS light. Anyone in the Torrance/South Bay area that has a Peake reset tool I could use. Meet you at the local Starbucks and buy you a coffee! Thanks for the support.
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I have a airbag reset tool, which might work for your Z. I'm in Garden Grove, you can stop by this weekend and we can try it. Text me at (714) five five two 3682 to coordinate at time when you want to come by. If you want to come by during the week, I'm work in Costa Mesa.
Did you turn on the ignition while the seat was out? Could just be that the connections need to be cleaned and snapped back tightly; though you would still need a reset.
I turned it on while it was out to open and close the top. Lesson learned
Appreciate it, I will check the schedule and send a line
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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