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SRS warning - belt tensioner driver's side

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OK - Guys

So about a month ago the SRS warning sign showed up red and stayed on. At first I just cleared it - of course :bigpimp:
...but it came right back on.

INPA said something like: belt tensioner driver - resistance too high.

AKA loose connection. Looking under the seat everything looked nice and tight. I researched a bit and found that I might have to change the harness (problem regards early E46s, to mid 2002). Whatever - I wanted to go cheaper and easier so after a struggle in a tight space I managed to disconnect the harness. Measured the resistance while I wiggled it about. Seemed solid so I just sprayed all connectors with contact cleaner. Reassembled and Lo and Behold: After clearing the code it didn't come back and haven't in a month :thumbup: woohoo

Hope this might help someone with the same problem some day :):):)

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