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I haven't been able to get this question answered anywhere. Even the dealer has not responded with a definite answer.

I was told the 330xi (with premium package) would have 8-way power seats w/lumbar, and all 330xi's come with the sports 'suspension'. I test drove two cars and both had the 8-way seats. I bought a car off the lot, but didn't actually test drive it because it had just arrived and wasn't prepared. This was early May. I didn't notice that the power seats were only 6-way until weeks later (Duh!).

Now here's the question. I have learned through research that cars made AFTER March came standard with 8-way seats and the sports 'suspension'. Since my 330xi has 6-way seats, does this mean I do NOT have the sports 'suspension'? There's nothing I can do now, but at least I would like to know what I have! Is there a way to simply look underneath, maybe measure something and tell if I have the sports 'suspension' or the old standard suspension. I read a Car'n'Driver article about the 330xi and it mentioned the suspension on it was somewhat loose, but it would be improved when they begin adding the sports 'suspension' as standard in March.

Sorry for the long winded message and I put 'suspension' in quotes because everyone gets confused with the sports 'package' when I talk about this.
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