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Standard Tools & SP-DATEN: Software Download Links

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Hello Guys,

Due to the recent developments, we cannot have a public links to the software downloads.
We are just being cautious.....

Let the findings keep going.

If you have any questions let us know.... anyways we all know how to get hold off ;)
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ISTA d VMs please olso send my link, thanks shawn
Re: Download Links to Softwares

Hi shawn . Can you give me password of Sp daten 50.2,
And i find in your archive ECE Navigation for cic , and need fsc code from my vin ? i must bay from dealer or have another way, thanks
hi show.
Could you please send me the links to the psdzdata 51.1 and passw..

Re: Download Links to Softwares

Thanks shown

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Hi shown

Can you please send me also the psdzdata 51.3 Full Version.

Best regards
For programming. I want to programming all ecu.
Why you asking only me about full version :))

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I assure you, it isn't just you.

You happen to ask for the Full version immediately after Andros did. Many people just parrot the previous request, without actually understanding what they are asking for.

PM sent.
No shawn. I now how to coding and programming F series. Today i waiting new 6WB combi and i want to update all ecu in my car. Thanks for about link

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For your car no need psdzdata, u need spdaten

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shawn. please let me know. new Psdzdata full version are 25 GB? i find in internet but i dont know its full or Lite version. Thanks
That size would be Full version. Latest version is 52.1.
Yes i means psdzdata 52.1
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