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Status 155, How much longer?

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This may not be a good thing. I got the number to find more info on my baby, and now I have more questions. I'm status 155. Has anyone tracked delivery from this point, I'm curious how much longer?
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Case said:
I was there but I was hoping that the lucky who already have their's would be able to give me some type of time table from status 155 till delivery. I have heard it varies, but was just hoping to get an idea. Thanks for the suggestion though.
If it is a 325 being built in South Africa, even longer. But it seems to go from 155 to the port pretty quickly (a few days). Once at the port, it could hop on a boat within a day or two, or wait up to 2 weeks. Mine's status 183 (built, but not yet on the train to Bremerhaven) as of yesterday. I expect it to be at the port by Monday. A boat leaves Tuesday, but if there aren't enough cars at the port :( , I'll have to wait til there are. :mad:

It seems universal that once it gets on the boat:thumb: , then you have, as pps-325xit says, 3 to 3 1/2 weeks on the east coast, longer on the west for it to arrive.
Case said:
Thanks for the info, looks like I'm going to have to get a hobby to distract myself for the next 4+ weeks.
You've already got a hobby. Reading this message board, logging into the Owners Circle site, calling BMWNA, bugging your dealer and staring holes through every BMW you see on the road. Enjoy.
pps-325xit said:
Don't forget you supply of... :thumb:
And I picked a bad month to quit smoking . . . (but I don't want to smoke in the new car) :mad:

But I won't call BMWNA today. Won't call. Called yesterday. Nope, not gonna do it. Can wait til Monday. Yep, I can make it. By then its at the port. Yeah, that's it. I can make it. :eeps:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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