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Status 160 - Time to East Coast - Bayonne?

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Just heard my car is status 160. Finally!!! Any idea as to time to Bremerhaven, load, transit and prep in NJ? Final destination is RI. I figure week of 27 May if I'm lucky.....
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My car reached status 160 today too! :D

It's all about timing... it can sit at 160 for a couple days before it gets loaded on the train. I have read two days to Bremerhaven (from Regensberg) once it is loaded, but I don't know if that includes unloading or not.

We will probably be on the same boat (which I'm guessing will be the Tristan), but mine has to go all the way to the West Coast. This is scheduled to take 30 days - a few days longer than normal because of the extra stop in Panama. Figures. :tsk:

Beyond that... I've heard of VPC taking anywhere from two days to a week, and then however long it takes the truck to get from VPC to your dealer. Then the dealer might hold on to it for a few days before you get it (just ask Imola Ed!).

I have some more info on my 'obsession page' (in the process of uploading more now), feel free to click on my sig pic and have a look around. If you get an error, try again a bit later- my router is causing me some uploading problems and messes stuff up sometimes.

Good luck!

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BTW the voyage number on the Tristan leaving Bremerhaven the 29th is EX210-TIA. That puts it in Baltimore (is this your port?) on 5/12.

I just looked at the WW site, and there is a boat leaving the same day (29th) going straight from Bimmerhaven to Port Hueneme (voyage number ED217-TST for anyone who cares). Somehow this only shortens the trip three days, which seems odd. :dunno:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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