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Hope this works...

0Order deleted by BMWNA
17Order not specified
37Order is at BMWNA
87Production week assigned
97Order sent to AG
100Order deleted by AG
101Error in date transmitted
102Special order (no production week)
105Order out of production period
111Order accepted at AG
112Order scheduled for production
150Production started
151Body shop started
152Paint shop started
153Assembly started
155Production completed
160Released to distribution
168AG stock
170Waiting workshop
172Planned for workshop
174Workshop entry
176Workshop complete
180Waiting for export dispatch
181Waiting for domestic dispatch
182AG load nomber - released to carrier
190Dispatched export BMWAG
191Returned to BMWAG
193Arrived at port of exit
194Selected for shipment
195Shipped from port of exit
198Shipment arrival

The Original Dr. Phil
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atyclb said:

why not? if they can post, they can search, no?
I guess you need to look up in the right corner of the screen to figure it out:rolleyes:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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