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Steam Cleaned Wheels

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Has anyone used one of those steam buggy things that you see on tv to clean their wheels? I've got one at home, and it works great in the bathroom and kitchen, etc., but I'm curious what the 200+ degree steam would do the the finish of the wheels. For the record, I'm got OEM type 68s.

Thanks in advance,

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I doubt it would do anything. Your brakes get much hotter than that. Ever pulled out a lug after 20 minutes on the track in 100 degree weather? OUCH!
Never used that but I do go over my wheels with a pressure washer first to get the big stuff off before doing them by hand.
Type-68s are a pain:banghead:

I have had M-conturs and SSR Comps... both of which are 100X eaiser to clean than the 68s. $1,000 investment in easy to clean wheels may be worth it to you?:dunno:
Thanks for the help.

Yes, the 68s have a really high PITA factor, but damn do they look nice when clean.

Some people have recommended Axxis dustless pads. I may give them a try, but I'm kinda worried about sacrificing performance for dustless-ness.
Axxis Deluxe

No experience with them but the best available information is that the only time you might notice a performance difference with the Axxis Deluxe pads from OEM is if you plan on driving at a constant Autobahn/race level (which, on public US roads, isn't very likely).

Supposedly, that's why the OEM pads dust so badly. They're designed for both normal and extreme high performance use but with no squeal, warm-up, hard pedal pressure or rotor damage. The trade-off for this is high levels of dust.

As a side note, I've heard that the BMW OEM pads (and the other German marques, as well) really are used to their full potential on the Autobahn. If you're driving in the fast lane, and doing so at a relatively slow speed, a much faster moving German driver in the same lane will fly up to within inches, literally, of your rear bumper and slam on the brakes, just to get your attention. For that kind of driving, flawless brakes are an absolute necessity.

This sort of thing isn't likely to happen often in the US, lest you care to be involved in a typical 'road-rage' incident.
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