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Steering erratic-any ideas?

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2003 530i 185,000 miles

By erratic I mean that as I am going down the road at 60 to 75 mph the steering will suddenly pull (jerk) to one side or the other. I will correct to pull the car back to a straight line and then the car will pull suddenly to the opposite side. And it is not a gentle pull. It is like a quick jerk to the opposite direction I just corrected from. It is a jerk that pulls me off center enough that without an immediate correction I will soon be in another lane. Not immediately of course but a I would say at least a 5 degree pull to one side or the other.

I just had new tires put on the front as the rear tires were less than 500 miles old. They put the rear tires on the front saying it was policy to put the newest tires on the rear(?). I had noticed a little drift with the old front tires but nothing like this sudden jerk to one direction or the other.

I have the car up on jack stands right now as I am cleaning and polishing the wheels. Have trying looking for worn or leaking parts but don't see anything obivious and when looking for play by pulling on the rotors there seems to be no give.
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I have an 02 x5 4.6is and my steering had play and would move like yours so I replaced the lower steering column U-joint (comes as 1 unit) and its rock solid now.
185K, better check all ball joints, u joints....etc. don't want one of those to fail while driving.
thrust arm bushings, dragh link...

If you are not familiar with the BMW suspension LOOKING at it will do you little good. Pay the money, have someone look
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