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Steering noise / looseness from bad tie rod?

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Hi guys,

I've noticed the steering wheel on my '91 325iX has movement whether driving or parked and makes noise. I know the passenger tie rod needs replacement. Could that cause this steering wheel issue? Video below, thanks.
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The steering shaft universal joint is worn out, or so it seems. Get someone to move the wheel like that while you observe the U joint. It's right below the firewall, between the steering shaft and steering rack input shaft. There should be ZERO slop in it. If it clicks, it's scrap.
It could be either of these joints, or both of them.


Thanks guys. I've been searching around to see how to replace the u
-joint. Some suggest first tightening the large nut on the steering column. Could that potentially work?

Mine did that, and I tightened the big nut on the steering column that allows the column to collapse AS TIGHT AS I COULD POSSIBLY GET IT (!!!) and that took care of it.

I'd try that first since it's free and only take a few minutes
In addition to number 1 on the diagram, the rubber guibo, number 3, is common fail item for our cars. Open the hood and have an assistant shake the steering wheel. Observe the movement of the universal joint and the guibo. You will have to drill out or cut the four rivets to replace the guibo. They sell the OEM style rubber one or uprated polyurethane and aluminum ones for racing setups.
To remove the universal joint, first make sure the steering wheel is straight. Make alignment marks on the steering shaft and universal joint before undoing both bolts. Next loosen the adjustment nut on the steering column, this will allow the steering shaft to move up. Now gentle tap the universal joint off of the steering rack and shaft. You might need to spread the groove in the univerdal joint to accomplish this. Prevent the steering wheel from turning to prevent any wiring damage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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