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Hey guys - I need some advice here that I can't easily find through searching the archives.

I spoke with BMW NA the other day about the status of my steering retrofit request (6/01 build '01 325Ci) and they told me that all I needed to now do was arrange for it through my preferred BMW center as the availability for the parts is now good. Apparently, the list and waiting was due to a part shortage but this is not the case. Also, even though I am aware that I am supposed to have the new-new steering I am not happy with it. Particularly at highway speeds where it sometimes feels like i'm driving a Caddy. My GF's Suburu Outback and my old Jetta GLX both had better steering feel. If everything I've read is correct than the retrofit will also improve the new-new steering so I want it.

Anyway (sorry for the rambling), I live around the corner from Santa Monica BMW but have heard too many horror stories about them. Who on this board in the LA area has had the retrofit and are you happy with where it was done? I was thinking about going to South Bay BMW as they do offer loaners and I've heard some good things about them - though they've only done one retrofit. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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