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Anyone noticed this too?

The electric fan comes ON and engine RPM spikes from idle speed to around 800-900 when steering wheel is turned all the way to the left or right?

This is not new to me, but I thought I run this to BimmerFest for thoughts:

I should add this that at that point when E-fan comes on and rpm goes Up, I can hear a noise (like a snap, clunk, very light metal to metal, or electric spark) coming from the front of the car.
The fan start spinning immediately after this noise. And if I hold the steering wheel at that point, the fan speeds up (not too crazy high though, but it sure makes a good loud sound, loud enough that I can hear it when all windows are up, but low enough that it wont sound like an issue.

Did some research about it, and didnt get a solid valid answer. Some folks on other forums (Non-BMWs) say it is normal for steering pump to rev up engine and alternator to produce more power needed for steering wheel. Sounds too naive for a BMW though.
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