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Steering wheel question.....

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I want to get the M3 Steerig wheel with the buttons on the wheel but my current steering doesnt have it. Would they work even though I currently dont have it?

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Does your car have cruise control?

I dont

but does it matter

I would think the throttle by wire system wouldnt depend on the old vacuum systems for cruise control:dunno:

First of all what year/build date do you have? Only cars built after June 2000 can accept the M3 steering wheel w/ its so-called "smart airbag". If you currently have a 3 spoke sprt wheel w/ a round airbag, but no buttons you should be fine. You'll get cruise control (and the radio controls will work) when you add the M3 steering wheel w/ buttons. If you have a 4 spoke wheel you'll have to buy the new airbag which is expensive. But if your car was built before June of 2000, you don't even have the option of buying a new airbag-- it won't work.
Well, you will have some useless buttons on the right hand side of the wheel, but if the stereo controls would still work (depends on if you still have the OE stereo system), then the M3 steering wheel (I can only speak for E46 models) is a great addition.

Yup mine is a 2001 325xi with sp built october 2000

Sounds terrific :)

Thanks guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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