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steering wheel shake

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Anyone have issues with steering wheel shake, what could it possibly be, alignment, wheel ballance? I used to own a z3 so I'm used to a fair amount of precision in the wheel. (99 323i)
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May be due to worn rotors and pads. You don't say how many miles are on the car, so this is a guess. There is a service bulletin out on this if yuor dealer tells you that this isn't covered under your warrranty and the job will cost you about $800... Tell them to check the SBs. Good luck.
If there is shake while accelerating or maintaining a straight line, it is typically alignment or wheel balance.

Under braking, it could be warped rotors, and/or alignment as well.
Or Samuel L. Jackson has been messing with the lug nuts :D
It has just under 50K and there is no shake under braking, there are however lead wheel ballance weights sitting on all four in various places, perhaps someone botched a wheel ballance job?
I've heard this from many 323 drivers. It mostly happens at 60mph correct? My cousin has the same problem, and I haven't heard of a solid fix for this problem. They blamed him for having bent wheels, and many others have tried alignment and control arm replacements. I'd keep bugging the dealer...:dunno:
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I've noticed it at varying speeds but usually in the 40-60 mph range
It might be the control arm issue.

Bottom line regardless of what it is: Take it to the dealer if it's bothering you.
mattx said:
I've noticed it at varying speeds but usually in the 40-60 mph range
Could be as simple as a need to have the wheels rebalanced. Or, you could have a bent wheel(s). I went through this on my new car - turns out the tires were defective. I replaced them, and the shake was gone.

A shop with a Hunter GSP can be a great help. A GSP can tell whether you have a bent wheel or out of round tire. If either is not too bad, the machine can re-mount the tire to cancel out the vibration.

For more info and to find a shop near you that has a GSP, check out the link:

Hunter GSP9700
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You did'n t say how many miles are on your tires,But a wheel balance does'nt last forever. take it to a reputable tire shop and have the tires balanced, they can check for bent rims when they put the tires on the balancer.
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