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stereo replacement

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Hello all. Is the stereo replaceable in a 2007 Z4? Wanting newer features. Thanks.
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Yes it is.
You need to remove vents and then remove stereo.
only 1DIN will fit without rework on vents.
Basically any will work but you are going to need something like this:
Fascia to get your new radio fit. Connection harness converter, antena cable converter.

I can not see such auction on ebay, but my local ebay clone is crowded with such items.
Shipping cost might be the killer though ...
Got it. Thank you very much.
Hi. Before you go too far, if you have the OEM DSP stereo, aftermarket head units will not work with your speakers and amplifier. This has been discussed ad nauseaum. I suggest you do a forum search.
Thank you Boston B6.
Yes it is a pain in the ass and time consuming I know I switched mine out but I think it was worth all my hard work because I enjoy music when I'm driving and at 100 mph with the top down, it takes more than the stock head and amp to make me smile and turn heads. I installed a 140-watt sony with 2 Kenwood 5 channel amps and all new speakers up front I went with K2 Power Series 6-1/2" component speaker system and in back I using Morel Maximo Ultra 602 and I'm telling you At 100 mph and top down it is still loud as hell but is crisp and clear.

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You go! Up247,
Ha. you are rockin'. I won't go 100, but I want my tunes to go 120. Thanks for the input and you do have a very nice setup.
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