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Gloss black centers, 2-1/2" polished lip, a rounded-profile of squarish 5-to-10 split spoke design.

A set of FIVE, 4 of them with nice tires and like new! I had them on my GTO for a few weeks before I traded it in, and the BMW dealer wanted the stock ones back on it. One as a spare has a "flat spot", but was replaced under warranty. I bought the bad one back, as it was the tire shop that found the defect, I never felt it!

The long name at the top is it. They are: 8.5x18 with 5x120 bolt pattern, ET38 offset, 72.5mm hub bore. Not a single curb hit, one with a very VERY light scratch on the polished lip (which I know could be out with a little Mother's.) They (and the tires) were on the car for less than 1800 miles, probably more like 1200.

Tires are BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW Nt, P245/40-ZR18. Not one blemish, cut, etc. Damn close to new!

Here's some low res photos, I have a 10MP camera if you want better.

I prefer to sell local to the New England area, as you know shipping is always an issue. But I will do it IF you pay for the shipping, I'll handle the packing, and it would be YOUR arrangement. Includes the set of 20 spline-drive lug nuts and tool, and 5 Stern center caps. I am sure some BMW Roundel ones will fit too, as I had my Pontiac ones in the wheels. The Stern caps have never seen the road, and of course one wheel is also a "road virgin".

I paid just about $2000 for the whole lot, asking $1500. PM or E-mail to: [email protected]
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