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Sticky Pedal Fix - be all you can be

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I took delivery of my 02 330 sp 5spd on 10/10/01. From the beginning the overall balance, composure, and power have put a smile on my face every day. 8500 miles and not one service day or significant problem. I follow this board religiously (ie everyday), but post sparingly. I find the topics compelling, but my knowlege base in comparison to others would add little to the discussions.

However, after having the "sticky pedal fix" I can give a purely subjective assessment the difference it has made in the character of this car. When I first took delivery, especially during the break-in period, the issue with the pedal was not noticeable. Just like a honeymoon - only the most glaring abnormalities would need be addressed. But unlike a bad marriage, familiarity with this car does not breed contempt. Rather, as one becomes comfortable with the limits of traction, acceleration, and braking, tuning out minor glitches is almost subconscious.

I digress. As winter turned to spring in Michigan, the blizzaks came off and I looked forward to my first summer with the type 68's. On the way home on the first hot day in May I noticed the change in pedal feel. Trying not to be a hypochondriac I blew it off. The next morning was cool, and the pedal was better - not perfect. That afternoon, it was 95 and 95% humidity and soon, I was on my hands and knees in the parking lot trying to figure out what was broken. That night a quick search led me to the Yahoo board and the rest is history.

I picked up my car with the new pedal and climate control part on Wednesday and difference was immediately apparent. BETTER THAN NEW The pedal and shifter now work together seamlessly. There is no struggle to find the matching rpm; take-offs are like silk. Even though I have raced motorcycles, driven a stick for twenty years, there have been times that I have questioned my ability in this car. That is history. Somehow this small change put all the pieces together for me - for this car. That may seem melodramatic, but sometimes that drive - to and from work - is the only time where everything can be perfect in an imperfect world.

So, this is a long winded way of saying, if you haven't had the pedal fix, consider getting it done.
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I'd like to know too. I posted earlier regarding my difficulty shifting smoothly. I can't say I notice anything wrong with the throttle response. What exactly are the symptoms of a "sticky pedal"? My pedal doesn't feel sticky at all. The way my car is now I think I would have trouble convincing my dealer that there is something wrong. My complaint is such a long clutch pedal.
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