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junglee said:
Hi All,
I seem to have a lot of stone chips on my hood. Wondering if anyone else out there is experiencing the same?
Although the streets of Toronto are bad..but I don't think they are that bad to cause that many chips....
Is 2001 paint weak that it chips easily?
Also wondering if anyone out there has had any luck taking a chipped car back to the dealer and getting them to paint the hood under warranty?
what do you guys think of the plastic 3M coating for the hood?

Either learn to ignore it and live with it or DEAL with it. Dealer will NOT repair this under warranty because it's wear and tear.

Almost ALL manufacturers who's moved onto a more environmental friendly water based paint (BMW included) will suffer from stone chips. You can either repair it yourself with touch up paint once a year or so, or you can get the 3M/Expel stuff. It works well but there's a clear line where the clear mask ends when your car gets moderately dirty.
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