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Strange things afoot..

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Hiya guys!

So, to add to the list of the used 540i..

Recently had the check engine light come on and the car was idling bad. Read up on it and found that most of the time its emissions or intake related. So, took it to the shop and ran diag. Found fault to MAF and O2 sensors. I replaced the MAF, and had the 02's on the list of things to be done. The check engine light remained on. This was about three weeks ago.

Tonight, I got in the car and for the first time noticed that the sun roof switch was lit up. Now this car has a mind of its own, as a few things have started and stopped working on their own, so I thought one less thing.

It wasnt untill I got home and parked that I noticed that the check engine light was off, and reflecting on the ride home it did run alot better than it has been.

To add, about 4mo ago, I got a transmission program error that was electrical/wiring related leading into the command box.

For a novice repair person with hardly any tools and know how, whats the best way to at least clean leads and check for problems leading into the chip/fuse box?

I did notice a few days ago that I am running euro fuses with unsealed tops, and they are a bit rusty. I plan on replacing them very soon. US amps (or is it volt?) are different. Should I replace with available euro fuses, or are US type ok at a lower amp? (or is it volt?)

For those living in WA State, any advice on a good shop?
Eastside Bavarian in Issaquah is a good place, but its $200 every time you pull in for anything other than an oil change. Ill be moving to Auburn area soon, so any suggestions for the area would be great!

Thanks for reading!