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Stuck in VDC

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I was exhilarated when I walked out of the dealer nearly 2 months ago with my first ever production number and build sheet in hand. Now, 2 months later and 2 weeks "awaiting carrier assignment" I am getting frustrated.

Genius informed me very soon after the work order was opened and closed at Port Jersey that it had been assigned a trucking company, but not an individual truck. It remained that way for quite some time and eventually i had enough and reached out to my CA who (long story short) got in touch with the port and they informed him that it was being held up due to EPA inspections. I ordered a 2020 330i so i guess there were delays relating to it being a new model year.

That being said, the car is still awaiting a carrier - although, coincidentally shortly after the CA reached out, a delivery ETA was assigned and it was "released from EPA holds". The delivery ETA was yesterday the 4th and the car was not delivered. Genius does not have a new delivery ETA and it's still not technically assigned a truck either.

For what it's worth my CA still seems to believe that the car could be delivered today, although the system shows it's not even assigned a truck...what even? The dealer is only a few hours away so i don't understand how this is acceptable.

I would expect better from BMW in the final stretches of delivery. :mad:
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BMW contracts with a huge number of car haulers. My new 2018 M240i was delivered on an open trailer towed by a pickup truck! I be seen an 18 wheeler stuffed with new X7s straight from the factory in South Carolina. It’s all about $ (€).
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