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suggestion for new Battery

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Hey guys I need new battery or my 335i 2010. Any suggestions? its the first time I'm changing this so Im not sure if there's a BMW-friendly one or do I just get motolite?


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I've moved this the e90 3 series forum. You'll get more help in here.

I'm using a Interstate MTP 49/H8

I'm using a Interstate MTP 49/H8
It been in a about a year and half now.
The important thing is to match or better amp hours
generally that means you need 49/H8 form factor.
Some people use Walmart battery's with that same form factor
and there between 110 and 150.
I thought I would go with what I considered a quality or name
Don't use battery back up when changing the battery and get it
registered when you can.
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