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Suggestions for lighter socket problem??

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Hi - just joined the forums. Bought a '05 3.0i sport x3 a couple of weeks ago.

Only problem so far is that the lighter sockets don't work. The fuse is blown (#47), but when I try to replace it it just sparks and blows immediately. I've looked in all three sockets for any wires/coins etc which might be shorting it out (based on what I'd read on earlier forum threads) but I can't see any. The sockets don't look like they're bent and shorting or anything.

I'm probably just going to take it back to the dealer tomorrow, but it's a bit of a drive so I'm keen to fix it myself. Any suggestions?

I might try taking each socket apart tonight and isolating them to see if one is the problem, but I haven't been able to work out how to get them apart. Any tips?

Anyway - thanks in advance.

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Fixed. Took it to the dealer and it turned out a couple of wires had been pinched and shorted.
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